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Hi, I’m Steven. But you can call me “Steven Alexander Young” for SEO purposes 😉

Here’s an undoctored photo of me with my 100% real, not AI-generated beard*:

*This is not necessarily a true statement

💡 Hot tip: Science proves that beards make you look more authoritative. That’s why most business bloggers have a beard nowadays (That or they shave their head, but bald is NOT a good look for me).

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“Wait! What’s your Rags-to-Riches™ Origin© Story®?”

Uhh… once upon a time I dropped out of college:

These are my real grades

Then despite the lack of formal education, I became a very successful marketing strategist:

client testimonial 1
client testimonial 2
client testimonial 3

“Is it possible to learn this power?”

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