?Who the heck are you??

Hi, I’m Steven. But you can call me “Steven Alexander Young” for SEO purposes ?

Here’s a totally undoctored photo of me with my 100% real beard*:

*This is not a true statement

? Hot tip: Science proves that beards make you look more authoritative. That’s why most business bloggers have a beard nowadays (That or they shave their head, but bald is NOT a good look for me).

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“Hold up! What makes you qualified to teach anything about business?”

Uhh… well the short answer is, nothing! I couldn’t even graduate college:

These are my real grades

But despite the lack of formal training, I’ve since become an incredibly sought-after marketing strategist:

client testimonial 1
client testimonial 2
client testimonial 3

When all the typical “experts” with big degrees fail to do anything useful, clients seek me out. I ditch the fancy pie charts and deliver real results.

?If you?re so good, why haven?t I seen your stuff before??

Well, you probably have… you just didn’t know it!

As a happy introvert, I?ve never had any desire to become a ?guru?.

But while you won?t find me on any lists of ?Top X Business Influencers?, I?ve spent my career working for (and successfully competing against) many of the biggest names in marketing and entrepreneurship.

book testimonial
Pro tip: In addition to a minimum project fee, make sure to enforce a minimum outdoor temperature for all in-person “walking meetings”.

Ghostwriting thought leadership content, designing best-selling products, training and leading teams/departments/companies… my work has made its way around the world.

Of course, all that work is done in the shadows (usually under strict NDAs) where no one will ever know it was me ?

But that?s how I liked it! 

“Wait… why didn’t you want your own blog?”

Look, it takes someone with really thick skin (and ideally a thick beard) to withstand all the anonymous internet bullies who want to watch you burn for entertainment. It’s way easier to let someone else be the face so I can grow the company in safe obscurity.

My first blog was with a partner – I brought my brains, he brought his brawn beard

Plus, many people have brought up very legitimate reasons why I should never blog:

Faced with all that adversity, blogging was not a big priority for me.

“So why are you blogging now, then?”

Well, there?s one pesky thing I can?t seem to escape: I love to teach.

I’m always available to coach, even when on vacation…

seo advice chat
I can’t help myself, even in beachy paradise

I give business advice 24/7, even while in the shower…

copywriting help chat
He’s on Australian time, but I’m a night owl with a waterproof phone soooo…

Sometimes I even teach random strangers, just for fun…

She used to work at the front desk of my gym

At some point I realized I was spending more time helping people than I was playing video games. So I figured, “How bad could it be to just write some of this stuff down?”

When I first started out, everything I learned came from business blogs. Just a bunch of strangers sharing their knowledge so people like me could learn and improve.

Brian Dean
Brian’s blog, Backlinko, was my gateway into learning SEO

I don’t want to succeed by keeping stuff secret. Now that I’ve developed my own unique playbook and personal style, I want to share everything I know about business too.

?If you?re such an expert, why is your site so ugly??

That’s on purpose, and it?s actually for *your* benefit!

There?s definitely a lot I need to do… I have zero blog posts, zero drip emails, zero products, and I still have a lot of placeholders everywhere (For like six months, this entire site was just some Lorem Ipsum and a barebones opt-in form ?).

But here’s marketing lesson #1: ? ?Everything is content!? ?

So in that spirit, I’m going to apply everything I know about content marketing to my own site… and break it all down for you as I go.

As an early reader, you get to come along for the ride from the very beginning. Come backstage and watch how a blogging veteran builds their own site from scratch!

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